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Instructor- Jack Holley



Welding Technology I includes classroom and laboratory experiences that develop a variety of skills in oxy-fuel cutting, shielded metal arc welding, and gas metal arc welding. OSHA standards and guidelines endorsed by the American Welding Society(AWS) are used to enforce safety at all times. Instructional activities emphasize properties of metals, safety issues, print reading, electrical principles, welding symbols, and mechanical drawings through projects and exercises that teach students how to weld and be prepared for college and/or career success.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Establish appropriate workplace behaviors and characteristics to prepare for

  • Completion of further education in welding training.

  • Apply and adapt appropriate personal and professional skills to effectively manage welding careers.

  • Integrate proper safety procedures in class activities and projects to meet professional and governmental standards.

  • Interpret technical drawings and documents to perform welding processes to specifications.

  • Create sound manual and automatic oxyfuel cuts on materials to meet industry standards.

  • Execute appropriate shielded metal arc welds on a variety of industrial metal to meet industrial standards.

  • Evaluate various weld stages to meet inspection criteria


Additional Supplies:




Credits & Certifications:​

Ivy Tech Duel Credits

AWS Sense Certification

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