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Instructor- Jennifer Camden & Michelle Atkinson



Cosmetology I offers an introduction to cosmetology with emphasis on practical skills and theory. Including hairstyling, shampooing, chemical services, nail service, personal ethics, bacteriology and sanitation. In the second semester, then greater emphasis is placed on the application and development of these skills. Students will begin working on the public to advance their skills. State of IN requires a total of 1500 hours of instruction for licensure. Upon successful completion of Cosmetology, I the student is eligible to enroll in Cosmetology II. Students will be required to arrive at 7:20am which may require transportation to the program. Driving passes will be required.



Cosmetology II requires a prerequisite of Cosmetology I. Emphasis will be directed toward the development of advanced skills in hair care, chemical services, skin and nail care, salon business and state laws. Much of this course is dedicated to reinforcing the Cosmetology I curriculum as well as building on the theory portion of licensure. In addition, student spend a great deal of time in the student salon working on clients to improve their skills. The state of IN requires a total of 1500 hours of instruction for licensure. Internships may be available as students complete their hour requirements. Upon completion of course requirements students will be eligible to take the state board exam in which will provide licensure for the student. Students will be required to stay until 5:30pm so transportation may be required. Driving passes will be required.



Learning Objectives: 

Apply principles of professional career development

  • Demonstrate safety, sanitation and first aid procedures

  • Analyze the anatomy and physiology of the human body

  • Evaluate the properties of the hair and scalp and demonstrate mastery in shampooing, and conditioning of hair

  • Demonstrate the mastery of haircutting and styling

  • Demonstrate the mastery of chemical servicing

  • Demonstrate mastery of nail care

  • Demonstrate proper techniques and procedures of skin care

  • Develop professional practices in salon business


Additional Supplies:

Purchased Lab Kit

Student Uniform


Credits & Certifications:​

Ivy Tech Dual Credits

State Board Cosmetology Licensure 

Prices may be changed without further notice

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Cosmetology Services
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