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Precision Machining I and II is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the precision machining processes used in industry, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. The course instructs students in industrial safety, terminology, tools and machine tools, measurement and layout. Students will become familiar with the setup and operation of power saws, drill press, lathe, milling machine, grinders and receive an introduction to CNC (computer controlled) machines.



Learning Objectives: 

  • Demonstrate basic shop safety (Measurement, Material, and Safety NIMS)

  • Establish proper selection, care, and use of semi-precision, precision measuring equipment with demonstrated repeatability

  • Apply proper use of edge finders, digital readouts, end mills, turning tools, and various other cutting tools.

  • Demonstrate job planning, bench work, and layout (Job planning, Bench work and Layout NIMS)

  • Mastery of basic shop math and formulas for advanced problem solving -Correctly calculate speed and feed, rpm, sine, and surface speed

  • Operation of vertical mills, associated vises and fixtures, and tooling

  • Demonstrate operation of manual lathe, associated fixtures, and tooling

  • Establish consistent CNC Mill and Lathe setup, locate part, touch off tooling, and run through first off part (correct to print)


Additional Supplies:

6 inch Steel Ruler

Scientific Calculator


Credits & Certifications:​

Ivy Tech Duel Credits

Manufacturing NIMS Certification

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