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Instructor- Jessica Keffaber



The Media Arts Program is a collaboration between Heartland Career Center and The Honeywell Foundation to provide hands-on instruction in film, video, and audio production to high school students. Designed for creative, self-motivated students who work well on collaborative projects, the media arts program will prepare students for future careers in various business and/or media-related industries by developing their understanding of professional business practices, written and verbal communication skills, and through the use of industry tools. Students will gain experience with various software programs to create multimedia presentations, digital movies, digital animation, and more. This program meets on the new Media Arts floor at the renovated Eagles Theatre.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Formulate a clear understanding of the purpose and function of a camera and the camera’s working parts for use in videography.

  • Apply and adapt traditional videography principles to design quality videos.

  • Produce edited and formatted videos/files for use in different types of media.

  • Manage the distribution and storage of videos/files for efficiency of work flow and development of a portfolio.

  • Analyze opportunities in media for potential careers.

  • Understand and perform oral, visual, and written communication related to a career in the media.

Additional Supplies:

Portable Hard Drive (1TB) 


Credits & Certifications:​

Vincennes University

Adobe Certified Associate


Areas:  Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition, InDesign, Illustration, After


Testing Required: Fees Apply

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