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Instructor- Jathan Jones



Electronics and Robotics Technology I

Introduction to the fundamental electronic concepts necessary for entry into an electronic and computer systems career pathway.  The course introduces students to the overarching field of advanced manufacturing and manufacturing processes with an emphasis on electronics.


Electronics and Robotics Technology II

Provides the opportunity for students to continue with foundational electronic concepts focusing more on circuit analysis and digital electronics modules including circuit analysis and digital electronics modules.  More advanced robotics as well as industrial motors and controls are emphasized. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Demonstrates safety principles of working with electricity.

  • Demonstrates the fundamentals of basic electricity.

  • Demonstrates use and functions of a digital multi-meter.

  • Demonstrates soldering/de-soldering techniques and safety.

  • Demonstrates AC voltage principles.

  • Demonstrates an understanding of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring.

  • Demonstrates principles of electronic projects/robot building including DC motor control, sensors and P-Basic programming.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of 3-phase voltage and industrial motor control.

  • Demonstrates lock out/tag out procedures.

  • Demonstrates safety, system, operations and programming of Fanuc Robotics.


Credits & Certifications:​

Certified Production Technician Certificate 

Advanced Manufacturing Certification  

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