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Instructor- Ed Shenefield



Criminal Justice I introduces specialized classroom and practical experiences related to law enforcement and corrections. This course provides an introduction to the criminal justice system as well as an introduction to the investigative process. Oral and written communication skills are reinforced through activities that model law enforcement professions as well as the preparation of police reports.


Criminal Justice II introduces students to concepts and practices in controlling traffic as well as forensic investigation at crime scenes.

Additional activities simulating criminal investigations will be used in the classroom. This course will also cover: the collection of evidence and search

for witnesses, developing, and protecting the integrity of physical evidence found at the scene.



Learning Objectives: 

Develop an understanding of crime and justice in the United States

  • Distinguish between the various functions of segments of the criminal justice system

  • Identify physical evidence

  • Demonstrate an understanding of corrections and incarceration

  • Demonstrate an understanding of law enforcement ethics

  • Understand the use of force

  • Explain the importance of the crime scene and crime scene investigations

  • Investigate and record a crime scene

  • Prepare for exams leading to certifications recognized by business and industry

  • Demonstrate an understanding of searching and arresting suspects

  • Evaluate employment and career pathway opportunities related to establish career interest(s)


Credits & Certifications:​

Vincennes University Dual Credit (3 credits per course)

ILEA Certification

Jail Officer Certification  

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